If you’re reading this, it means that finding trustworthy caregivers for your family is important to you. This year more than ever, it’s important to be vigilant in who will care for your elderly loved ones considering COVID-19. What are you doing to stay safe? Here are five main reasons why Harmony At Home’s protocol is the best choice for you and your family during the pandemic: 

1. Current Safety Protocols. Every caregiver on shift wears a mask & gloves, uses hand sanitizer, and makes sure to disinfect the commonly used items during their daily routines.

2. Daily Check Ins. Employees use an app to clock in everyday that includes pre-screening questions (the same ones you are asked everywhere before you go in) before they can begin their work day. 

3. Your time, your terms. Like always, we haven’t changed – our services are at no long term obligation or set schedule, so if anytime you feel uncomfortable you can change your times or pause all together until you feel comfortable again. 

4. Gives you a break. COVID-19 has been upsetting everyone’s regular routines – for better or worse, families are moving into the same houses, school has been shutting down, and even hospital trips and therapy sessions are looking completely different. It can feel impossible to handle all of it – we can help.

5. Keeps the family together. Because you’re able to take that rest, it means you get to keep your family together as well. Harmony At Home makes it possible for you to continue with your schedule while we help facilitate the rest – so your home can stay happy and healthy. 

What happens when a customer gets COVID?:

We are an essential employment. It’s our job to take care of your family.  We provide safeguards, caregivers would wear a face shield, full length gown, masks, gloves, and maintain 6 ft as they can (except when bathing). 

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