This pandemic has been hard on everyone, but one of the biggest struggles right now is families selecting the right care for their elderly loved ones in the middle of all of this. According to the CDC, “Your risk of getting severely ill from COVID 19 increases as you get older” – one statistic shows that 8/10 of the most dangerous cases have all been in people 65+. What happens if a loved one needs care you can’t provide, but you know it’s important for them to stay home now more than ever? At Harmony At Home, we believe at home is the healthiest option for the holistic health of your family.

First of all, protecting the physical health of the elderly is on the top of everyone’s mind right now. Harmony At Home allows people to stay home and away from crowds, so less exposure to the virus. Having one caretaker visiting removes the fear of spreading the virus like it would in a facility, and you are able to make boundaries and times for yourself for how and when your caretaker provides assistance (and if you learn there is an outbreak in your area you can always take off a week or two and resume when you feel comfortable again). 

Second of all, Harmony At Home protects the mental health of our loved ones. Having a small quarantine bubble is not only physically important but extremely important to our emotional health to have good people with us in the middle of these times. Harmony At Home not only provides a caretaker who can provide your loved ones with the attention and care they need to be happy, but also allows them to stay close to their family as well. 

       Lastly, with Harmony At Home, not only is it the best for your physical and emotional wellbeing during this time but it also is flexible enough to adjust to surprise situations.  Harmony At Home offers practical features such as a home pharmacy partner, after hospital care, special needs caregivers, and more – all services that will come to you at your door, without you even needing to leave your house. This is the time to #stayhome and if you need care, to be very intentional with the people you do let into your home. Request a home visit where we will provide you with a free, no obligation assessment – stay well, stay safe!