Part of being a family is loving and taking care of each other. When one is weaker or not feeling well, the other steps up and takes care of them, and together we are stronger. However, when we see that our elderly loved ones don’t have the self sufficiency that they used to (we see them struggling with daily tasks that used to be easy, or taking twice the amount of time that it used to take them to complete their normal routines), we can find ourselves in the position of a caregiver, and it can become almost like a second job. 

Harmony At Home is a beautiful solution that allows you to keep your family close while still getting the help you need. Here are 5 major pros in choosing Harmony At Home over a facility: 

  1. Build Your Own Schedule! 

From hours of the day to days of the week, you get to build the schedule that works the best for you and all of the members in your family. Plus, you also have the flexibility to add an extra help day in case of an event, or request no help on a holiday so it can just be you and your family. We work around you. 

  1. Deeper Trust 

Giving a loved one over to a nursing home can be concerning because you have to give up control and access to your family member’s daily life. With Harmony At Home, you can see what each day looks like, build a personal relationship with your caregiver, and feel comfortable that your caregiver is qualified and worthy of trust. 

  1. Cost Effective 

Because Harmony At Home is so flexible time-wise, it also is flexible financially! You get to decide how many hours you want per week and are free to change them at any time depending on your needs. 

  1. Companionship & Specialized Care 

With Harmony At Home, you can be sure each person is getting one on one bonding time with their caregiver. Not only does this have positive benefits for morale and emotional health (as well as cooperation!) it also allows for specialized care right in your own home! 

  1. Keep Golden Moments & Traditions

Even through all the work involved, some people decide that although it would be easier to put their loved ones into a full-time facility, it’s not worth losing the time and valuable moments that come with having them around. From holiday traditions to morning routines with the grandkids, Harmony At Home allows you to keep those golden moments for as long as you have them.

In the end, everyone has to do what is best for their individual family – but Harmony At Home can be a fantastic and flexible option for just about everyone. Contact us today to see what partnering with you and your family can look like.